Meet The Team



Introducing Paul, the art connoisseur and owner of Whitehorse Gallery. Paul’s lifelong pursuit of art has been fueled by his deep passion for the subject. His journey in the art industry started right after leaving school when he ventured into the world of picture framing. Through years of hard work and unwavering dedication, he climbed the professional ladder and eventually found himself taking on the role of Gallery Manager.

In 2019, Paul made a significant move with his family to Oxfordshire. It was here that he brought his artistic vision to life by opening the doors to Whitehorse Gallery, a space where art could be appreciated and celebrated. Building on the success of this venture, Paul expanded his artistic empire in 2023 with the establishment of another gallery in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Both of these distinguished venues embody Paul’s unwavering commitment to showcasing the beauty and talent within the art world.



Meet Catalina, the talented art curator from Argentina who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our gallery. With her Spanish and Italian background, Catalina possesses a deep understanding of the art world and engages in meaningful dialogues. She is committed to assisting you in creating the perfect ambiance for your space, ensuring that you achieve the finest outcomes.

Email Catalina: Cata@whitehorsegallery.co.uk



Introducing Chris, the Head Picture Framer at Whitehorse Gallery’s Picture Framing Division. With an extensive expertise in the framing industry, Chris leads the framing team behind the scenes to ensure that your artwork is framed flawlessly and delivered within the designated time frame.

Renowned for his impeccable attention to detail, Chris meticulously frames every artwork to meet conservation standards. Whether you seek advice on framing (or any other matter –  a fountain of knowledge), Chris’s extensive experience is always at your disposal, going the extra mile to deliver exceptional, world-class results.

Our Gallery

Our dedicated and friendly team takes great pleasure in assisting you in finding the perfect piece of art for your collection. We are passionate about our work, as we take the time to meticulously frame each artwork using conservation techniques. This ensures that your favorite art will remain in excellent condition for many years, allowing you to continue enjoying it.

The Gallery in Bakewell, Derbyshire is the perfect place to experience contemporary art in its finest form. You will be mesmerised by the stunning setting, with art displays changing frequently to provide a unique and fresh look. As you walk in, you will be surrounded by the most exquisite pieces of modern art, creating a truly one-off experience. Whether you are an art enthusiast or a casual observer, the Gallery promises to provide a visually stimulating and unforgettable experience.

We offer a wide range of exquisite artworks, including classical Landscapes by Tony Hinchliffe, sensual portraiture by Ian Faulkner, magnificent botanical work by Mia Tarney, joyful floral compositions by Rozanne Bell, and urban inspired artworks by digital artist Slasky.

Framing your art

 With the best framing and display choices, we ensure that we source only the highest quality materials. Our framing team, highly trained, is capable of creating the ideal frame for your walls. We provide various styles, including both traditional favourites and unique contemporary creations.

“Having accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the art industry and establishing strong connections with major publishers worldwide, as well as having a wide selection of independent artists, our capabilities in assisting you in finding the perfect piece of art are unparalleled. Our highly trained curators are dedicated to aiding you in discovering the ideal solution for your space’.

In addition to our expertise in art selection and framing, our team specialises in international shipping logistics and fine art installation. We understand the importance of safeguarding valuable works during worldwide distribution, including overseas shipments. Therefore, we excel in creating custom-made art crates that provide maximum protection for your artwork.


Do you require us to install your artwork? There is not an issue. Contact us for additional information and scheduling an appointment to arrange a site visit, as we have a committed team of skilled white glove installers available to complete the task.