Adam Gale

Adam Gale

Adam Gale Art

Illustrator and Visual Artist

Adam Gale is a creative artist who works as an illustrator and printmaker. He completed his studies at Liverpool School of Art in 1999 and obtained his degree. Originally from the North East, he currently resides in Birmingham after spending 10 years working in London.

Having a specific fascination with the layering of colour and form, he primarily works with the screen printing process. The subject matter frequently showcases a fascination with the natural world, observed from the perspective of someone who has lived in a city their whole life.

All screen prints on this site are crafted and printed manually by the artist.

Between 2005 and 2011, I freelanced as a designer and illustrator at Zombie Flesh Eaters, a creative agency established for the visual aspects of Gorillaz and related projects, in addition to my other freelance work.

Meet Adam Gale, an artist and illustrator with a passion for unleashing creativity. Graduating from Liverpool School of Art in 1999, he has since immersed himself in the dynamic world of visual arts. Originally hailing from the North East, he now calls Birmingham his home, following a decade-long stint in the bustling city of London.

What truly captivates Adam is the interplay of colour and form, a fascination that finds its true expression through the screen printing process. His works often depict the wonders of the natural world, viewed from the unique perspective of a city dweller.

Every single print you see on this site is meticulously handcrafted and printed by Adam himself, adding a touch of artisanal flair to his pieces.

When it comes to his art, Adam proudly categorises his work into two main types. Firstly, he creates stunning illustrations for a variety of editorial and commercial projects, lending his creative touch to captivate audiences. Secondly, he expertly designs vector format icons, catering to the branding and packaging needs of clients. You’ll find his art adorning the projects of prestigious names such as Albion, BBC, BrandOpus, Campbell Hay, DesignBridge, Dragon Rouge, Elmwood, Foxall Associates, The Guardian, Helikopter Sweden, Him+Her, JKR, JPP Publishing, Path, Pearson Education, R-Design, Siegel+Gale, Touch, Trace PR, Uniform, Vogue, Wardour Publishing, and WonderlandWPA.

Between 2005 and 2011, Adam took on a pivotal role as a designer and illustrator at Zombie Flesh Eaters, a renowned creative agency dedicated to the visual aspects of Gorillaz and affiliated projects. This, coupled with his other freelance endeavors, allowed him to push the boundaries of his artistic horizons.

With Adam Gale, expect nothing less than captivating illustrations and masterful designs, born from a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Picture Framing and Glass options

Choose your preferred style of frame to match in with your decor, select from four different finishes including: Matte Black, Muted White Swept Frame or Oak. Profile size of picture frame is 3-4 cm wide. If you require a something else please contact us so we can help you select what you are after.

Glazing Choices are either a 2mm clear float glass or reflection control art glass with ultra-violet protection – This is what most our customers go for as it preserves your print and stops direct sun damage.

Whitehorse Gallery’s ‘Master Framers’ have accumulated over 30 years of experience, showcasing unmatched expertise in framing artwork.

The Team, having learned the family’s traditional framing techniques, possess the knowledge and ability to complete the job with precision. With expertise in both small-scale framed pieces and large commercial picture framing projects, they have the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the job on time and to the highest standards. Continuing a rich family tradition, they uphold the legacy. Ready to provide outstanding framing services.


We also have many years experience on fulfilling international shipments and make custom crates to suit so your artwork arrives safe in one piece, please contact us if you need it shipping aboard.

Art Hanging

Do you require your artwork to be hanged up on the wall, again if you are a UK customer this is something we can do for you at very little cost. Contact us today to get he ball rolling so we can book you in.