All Things Rebecca

All Things Rebecca

Born in Lancashire, Rebecca Vincent studied Fine Art at Oxford and Newcastle Universities before becoming a professional artist specializing in printmaking. Rebecca’s landscape etchings have deep, glowing colours and delicate textures. She uses a wide range of hand-printed marks to convey the patterns of fields, hills and hedgerows. In Rebecca’s hands, the landscape undergoes a stylization process that clarifies the pattern of fields and hedgerows into an almost abstract pattern of intersecting shapes. Add in strong colours and a variety of interesting textures and you have her distinctive landscape style.


Rebecca’s etchings are printed from one or two copper plates that have been bitten with ferric chloride. She uses various acrylic resist fluids that protect areas of the plate from the chemical reaction. There are many different techniques

used to create the lines, textures and tones and the plate is bitten many times to create all the indentations. Once etching is complete the plate is inked by hand using up to 16 different colours. These are rubbed in and wiped back

very carefully each time the plate is printed. The ink is transferred onto damp paper through an etching press (a bit like a mangle) under high pressure. A number of near identical prints can be made (called an edition) but each one is printed separately by hand.

 “Etching is an amazing medium that offers so many mark-making possibilities. I can interpret the landscape using an appropriate technique for each area: fine lines for the winter trees, even textures for the farmed land and soft wash-like marks for the sky. The etched marks have a slightly raised quality when printed and give the precision and depth of tone that I’m looking for.”

 There’s one more thread to Rebecca’s  work and that comes from the world of textiles – wonderful patterns and textures that were part of my early life. There’s no fabric or sewing in my work although there might seem to be on first glance. I am capturing  impressions from textured wallpapers and fabrics in both the etchings and monotypes (one-off prints). I use a wide range of hand-printed patterns to convey the patchwork of fields, hills and hedgerows. To bring my printmaking to a wider audience, I now offer a range of high quality giclee prints and greetings cards as well as the hand-made prints.


Based in Northumberland, Rebecca portrays what we all love most about the world around us is the striking discipline of printmaking. Her prints combine a multi-coloured, layered approach with powerful bold patterns and colour that depict the landscape in a totally unique way with dramatic effect.

She takes inspiration from the local landscape, but reimagines it with a strong, rhythmic, idealised composition that expresses a more abstract idea.

Rebecca’s art is for people who respond to the natural world and want to bring some of the outdoors, indoors, to appreciate it every day. She’s developed a unique landscape style that combines rich colours, detailed textures and powerful compositions.

Drawing upon memories and impressions of the English landscape, Rebecca transforms what she sees to bring the essence of what we love about the world around us. Each element of the land – fields, hills, trees, flowers and coast – finds its ideal form and place within her pictures.

“Printmaking is my passion and a constant source of experimentation and invention. It requires discipline, patience and courage to achieve the highest standards. My two-plate etchings are intricate with up to 17 colours in each one. The monotypes are like paintings: they are unique, worked in layers of translucent ink. Even after all these years I still find it exciting every time I pull a print from the press”.

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