Andy Warhol

Andy Wahrol

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol started his career as a skilled illustrator for commercials, and his interest in changing popular images came from his early work.

He had an equal fascination with fame and an equal enchantment with Marilyn Monroe. Following her death, he initiated a mission to pay tribute to her by creating his Marilyn edition prints. Shortly after the Campbell’s Soup Cans, the Flowers were introduced.

Warhol’s career experienced groundbreaking years during the 60s. During this time, his distinctive style was developed, and now his works from that period are widely recognised as his most significant and highly sought after.

The dimensions of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn and Flower prints are both 36″ by 36″. The prints are made manually using screens and thick paper, resulting in ink bleeding without any borders.

These prints, also known as the “Factory Editions,” were published in the 60s and have a limited edition print run of 250.

Because Warhol was still perfecting his printing techniques at that time, it is difficult to find one of these prints that does not have some flaw. The scarcity of discovering these prints in pristine condition today is the result of subpar paper quality, excessive ink usage, and mere old age.

When preparing, be prepared to open your wallet extensively because a single Andy Warhol, Marilyn edition print can command a price that exceeds one hundred thousand dollars, even if it is in poor condition.

The importance of these iconic impressions to the Pop Art movement cannot be overstated.

It was said that the Campbell’s Soup Cans were Andy Warhol’s favourite creation. As for Campbell’s Tomato Soup, he commented, “I used to consume it.” I had the same lunch every day for around 20 years. It appeared as if it was the identical matter repeatedly.

His experience in advertising, particularly with the Campbell’s Soup Cans, functioned as a depiction of mass-produced, print advertising.



We have two large Andy Warhol Limited Sunday B Morning Marilyn, one is Black and Grey the other full colour. Framed in a 50 x 50mm Box Black Grain Frame and UV Protected PlexiGlass.