Anna Cher

Anna Cher

Expressionism Artist 

Introducing the phenomenal artist and painter, Anna Cher! With a diverse background in the arts, Anna’s talent knows no bounds. After completing her higher art education, she embarked on a journey as an interior designer in Moscow. However, her passion for illustration led her to England where she graduated from the prestigious Cambridge School of Art. Anna achieved great success as an illustrator, publishing numerous books across Europe, the UK, and the USA (under a different name). But deep down, Anna’s true calling was painting, and she made the brave decision to dedicate herself entirely to this art form a few years ago.

For Anna, breaking free from the confines and rigidity of academia was a crucial step in her artistic evolution. She paints with speed, spontaneity, and intuition, using her artwork as a means to confront her own fears of “mistakes” and imperfections. Embracing imperfection also symbolises the vibrant and diverse nature of life, a concept that Anna wholeheartedly celebrates in her art.

Acrylic is Anna’s medium of choice due to its fluidity and quick-drying properties. This allows her to effortlessly follow the flow of her creativity and unleash the primal and untamed aspects of her being, resulting in a remarkable harmony on canvas. Each new canvas becomes a therapeutic session for Anna, where she explores the sheer joy of life and its breathtaking aesthetics.

When Anna isn’t in her studio immersed in her artistic pursuits, you can find her at the gym, effortlessly lifting weights with a barbell on her shoulders, or gracefully gliding on ice skates at the local rink. Her dedication to physical fitness and movement greatly influences her art, endowing it with a sense of fluidity and spontaneity. Ultimately, Anna’s goal as an artist is to create works that bring immense joy and beauty into the lives of others.

Art Studio

Welcome to my garage art studio! This cozy corner of creativity is like stepping into a parallel universe, just a stone’s throw away from my home. The proximity is so close that I barely have time to enjoy a sip of coffee on my way to work! And let me tell you, coffee is an essential fuel for me as a devoted “night owl” who often finds inspiration during the late hours. Though my studio may not be the largest space and has limited windows, it possesses everything I need for my creative endeavours.

Within this snug sanctuary, I spend countless hours experimenting with vibrant hues and bringing my imagination to life on canvas. The air is perpetually filled with the intoxicating aroma of paint and coffee, while the harmonious melodies of music create a symphony of inspiration. To add to the ambiance, I have my little green helpers, live plants, which infuse the space with an extra touch of magic. In this studio, I find solace, inspiration, and complete creative freedom.


As an artist, my research is cantered around capturing the visual and aesthetic manifestations of joy. I am fascinated by the beauty and resilience of living beings, and I seek to portray the most glorious moments of life. My art embodies these joyful instances, serving as an invigorating experience for viewers and up lift ment for the soul. Life is fraught with enough sorrow, and as an artist, I strive to remind myself and others that it is not solely defined by frustration and grief. Inspired by profound thinkers such as the ancient Stoics, Henri Bergson, and his philosophy of ‘joie de vivre,’ I embark on a quest to capture the essence of being alive and happy through the complex and often under appreciated art form.

To me, painting is an enthralling dance of joy, an instinctive impulse to express the beauty of life. It grants me immense pleasure to pour my soul onto the canvas, akin to the harmony of music and painting. Much like jazz improvisation, the merging of canvas texture and paint forms an enchanting symphony of surprises and aesthetic discoveries. This symbiotic relationship between the artist and the viewer serves as a medium to connect our shared experiences.

Coming from an academic background, which tends to be dogmatic and stringent, breaking the rules has become a personal challenge for me. Each canvas is a miniature experiment, a battle against the limitations imposed upon me. The so-called “imperfections” that arise from these struggles embody the very essence of life’s diversity, its kaleidoscope of colours, and its capacity to reshape the world. Thus, I embark on a continuous journey of growth, daring to shatter these “imperfections” and allowing them to mould me into a better artist.

My artistic process is characterised by a spontaneous and intuitive approach, imbued with a sense of movement. I work fervently with acrylic, a medium that possesses a light and fluid texture, granting me the freedom to create without constraint or meticulous control. It is this lack of restraint and the spontaneous nature of my technique that breathe life into the forms I portray.

The process of painting, for me, resonates with the philosophical teachings of Henri Bergson, a true visionary of joy. Within his theoretical constructs, intuition serves as the key to unlock the original flexibility of our learning, which has been stifled by outdated and rigid methods. Art, therefore, can serve as the catalyst for this type of learning, giving birth to revolutionary discoveries. Let us carry this wisdom of joy and pleasure through life, transcending the ordinary and delving into the extraordinary realm of art.

Picture Framing and Glass Options

Choose your preferred style of frame to match in with your decor, different finishes available including: Matte Black, Matte White, Silver, Gold or Oak. Profile size of picture frame Canvas Tray is 1-5 cm wide. If you require a something else please contact us so we can help you select what you are after.

Glazing Choices are either a 2mm clear float glass or reflection control art glass with ultra-violet protection – This is what most our customers go for as it preserves your print and stops direct sun damage.

Whitehorse Gallery’s ‘Master Framers’ have accumulated over 30 years of experience, showcasing unmatched expertise in framing artwork.

The Team, having learned the family’s traditional framing techniques, possess the knowledge and ability to complete the job with precision. With expertise in both small-scale framed pieces and large commercial picture framing projects, they have the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the job on time and to the highest standards. Continuing a rich family tradition, they uphold the legacy. Ready to provide outstanding framing services.


We also have many years experience on fulfilling international shipments and build custom crates to suit so your artwork arrives safe in one piece, please contact us if you need it shipping aboard.

Art Hanging

Do you require your artwork to be hanged up on the wall, again if you are a UK customer this is something we can do for you at very little cost. Contact us today to get he ball rolling so we can book you in.