Anna Gammans

Anna originates from the beautiful and historic City that is Cambridge and now  lives and works in London. Cambridge is a city renowned for its beauty and  Architecture , splendid sunset and sunrises, which with their vibrant colours and  hues, inspired Anna to create the most luminescent works of Art.

Being inspired by her artist mother and graduating from York university, Anna  has become an extremely talented, exciting and unique artist in her own right.  Following the formal elements of learning her craft, she has developed a natural  and instinctive relationship with colour and light, thus creating her very unique  style, inspirations coming from the impressionist masters, Turner and Matisse.

Her use of bright and dreamy colours, such as White, Blues and Yellows, mostly in  Oil and mixed media , create interest, texture and an undeniable energy,  enabling her, through nature’s eye, to produce the most beautiful light in her  paintings.

Exhibiting in galleries in York ,London , Cambridge and hosting a solo exhibition, gaining international recognition for her work with Saatchi are all part of the huge success and following Anna has gained.

Anna listens to Random podcasts, the more random she says, the better. She loves to learn all the while that she is creating, adding to her own creativity through knowledge. She is in her happy place, where her passion for learning something new every day, overflows onto the canvas.

Moving from Landscapes to seascapes was a natural progression and then on to her great love of Cities, which has given her the inspiration to create the most enlightening and harmonious paintings.