Anna Gammans

Anna Gammans

Anna Gammans

Anna, who is from Cambridge, now resides in London and works there as well. The city she comes from, Cambridge, is known for its beauty and historical significance. Anna was inspired by the vibrant colors and hues of Cambridge’s beautiful architecture, splendid sunsets, and sunrises to create her most luminescent works of art.

Drawing inspiration from her artist mother and completing her education at York University, Anna has emerged as an artist in her own right, displaying exceptional talent, excitement, and a distinct style. After mastering the formal elements of her craft, she has developed an inherent and intuitive connection with color and light, resulting in her distinct and original style influenced by the impressionist masters Turner and Matisse.

Her ability to incorporate vibrant and ethereal colors, including white, blue, and yellow, predominantly using oil and mixed media, results in captivating artwork that exudes texture and a powerful sense of energy. Through her unique perspective, she achieves the remarkable feat of capturing the most enchanting light in her paintings.

Participating in exhibitions in York, London, and Cambridge, and achieving international recognition for her work with Saatchi, Anna has gained a significant reputation and following.

Anna listens to Random podcasts, and she believes that the more random they are, the better they are. While she is creating, she loves to learn and enhance her creativity by gaining knowledge. In her happy place, her passion for learning something new every day spills onto the canvas.

Transitioning from Landscapes to seascapes occurred naturally, leading her to develop a profound passion for Cities. This new fascination has served as a driving force behind her creation of paintings that are both enlightening and harmonious.