Anna Schofield

Anna Schofield


Anna enjoys traveling and capturing fascinating elements of nature, including the sky, the sea, and the nearby pools and harbors. The memories of the places she visits remain with her for a long time, and she portrays them on canvas with her own interpretation. Anna, as a great believer in the positive power of art, considers it to be a genuine necessity for our emotional existence.

Anna begins her painting by using acrylic, gesso, or other media to create a hint of the mark, which is then layered with numerous coats of oil paint. Anna utilizes both glaze and impasto techniques, which have their origins in the Italian Renaissance.

This technique uses multiple layers of paint that are semi-transparent, which alters the look of the structure underneath. Anna finds deep spiritual meaning in each colour and their mix on the canvas, as it creates a ‘landscape of the soul’ and fosters a symbiotic connection between the artist and the viewer.

Anna’s work incorporates texture, and she finds pleasure in the gradual development of different areas. She creates diversity in her mark-making by primarily using palette knives, her fingers, a variety of other implements, and the traditional paint brush. Anna spends weeks living with the painting, making constant changes and adding detail to ensure that she expresses everything she wants to convey.

Anna’s work is both uplifting and has positive overtones due to the combination of texture, technique, strong colors, and a dominant appreciation of light and shadow.