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Art Rental

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Flexible Art Rental Made Easy

Make a lasting impact with our Art Rental option, this service grants the opportunity for workplaces and enterprises to adorn their spaces with the most stunning artwork. Let us help furnish your walls to give an everlasting impression to clients and visitors.

Freshen Up Your Walls Periodically With Our Rotation Scheme

We have the following Art Rotation schemes available  – Every 2 years // 1 year // 3 years


Category of artwork

Rotating new art every

6 months

12 months

24 months

Category ONE

(small / medium art,

value up to £300)


per week


per week


per week

Category TWO

(medium / large art

value £300-£500)


per week


per week


per week

Category THREE

(medium / large / extra large art

value £500-£1000)


per week


per week


per week

Category FOUR

(large / extra large art

value £1000-£2000)


per week


per week


per week

Category FIVE

(extra large art

value £2000-£5000)


per week


per week


per week

Example art rental prices

  • to rent 5 framed prints (category ONE), with new pieces rotated every 12 months, the weekly rental price is £9.50 (i.e. 5 x £1.90)  or £41 per month.
  • to rent 20 pieces of office art – say 10 framed prints – in your choice of frame (category ONE) and 10 originals (category TWO) – with new pieces every 24 months, the weekly rental price is £35 (i.e. 10 x £1.50 + 10 x £2.00) or £152 per month.

Notes on rental prices

  • includes 10-day trial period (we will change the office art or refund your rental fees if you are not 100% satisfied)
  • includes installation of the art on your office walls using conventional picture hooks & pins
  • includes free delivery
  • includes help in curating suitable art for your office space and business type
  • insurance for the art is the client’s responsibility (this is usually covered by clients existing business contents insurance; if not, we can help arrange insurance for you)
  • based on a minimum 12-month art rental agreement
  • based on a minimum order size of 5 pieces
  • huge discounts available for large art orders renting more than 30 pieces of art
  • payments made quarterly in advance
  • all prices are subject to VAT (at the standard rate)

As an optional extra, office clients can purchase our innovative picture hanging system, at £50 per picture including fitting (alternatively –  we will hang the artwork for free using conventional picture hooks or security fixings).

Why rent artwork instead of buying art?

  • freedom – no need to purchase art, only to then be stuck with the same tired artwork for years
  • we all need a change of scenery every now & again to break the routine.
  • renting office art gives you the flexibility to regularly switch the artwork on your office walls
  • renting office artwork is the most Eco-Friendly way to decorate your office. By renting office pictures instead of buying artwork, you take part in an environmentally sustainable rental economy of using items only when you need them and transferring them to others when you don’t.
  • cashflow friendly, with no up-front art purchase costs
  • art rental is tax efficient as payments are offset against business revenue and have no tax liability (compared with being a capital outlay when buying office artwork)
  • easier to budget, with art rental payments spread over time
  • renting art avoids ongoing depreciation costs of art
  • Puchase the Art at a special price at the end of the rental – if you are happy with it, no need to change
  • 6 month break clause options.


Why rent art with Whitehorse Gallery?

We work with a huge variety of talented artists and publishers of high quality open edition prints, so we can offer you a fantastic range of uplifting themes and styles trends. We can customise framing options to suit your brand and organise commissioned works for entrance spaces.

Best value for money – with whitehorse Gallery‘s Rent & Rotate Art Service, annual art rental costs are a fraction of the equivalent purchase price.

Maximum choice – you choose art from our online gallery; or we can help recommend office artwork suitable for your business and space.

Rental specialists – founded in 2019, we are the best leading office art rental provider in the UK.

We’re friendly, approachable and down-to-earth people with years of experience in the art industry.

Hassle free – we take care of everything from  selection (made easy with our on-line tools).

Delivery (with our own professional team) and installation (quick & clean changeovers using our optional picture hanging rail system).

In-House Picture Framing Team – we can strengthen your identy and budget with a choice of bespoke framing options. Our Master Framers have years of experaince working in the commercial sector.

We work with:

✅ Hotels
✅ Restaurants
✅ Commercial Businesses 
✅ Air BnB and Holiday Homes
✅ Local Councils and Government buildings
✅ Medical Centres, Private and NHS Hospitals
✅ Property Renovation
✅ Home Property Dressing To Sell Or Rent

Lets get the ball rolling –  Contact us today:

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Paul Johnson Paul@whitehorsegallery.co.uk

Tel: 01629 818761

Business Mobile (+44) 7923 256 058

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