Tony Hinchliffe

Tony Hinchliffe

Tony Hinchliffe

About British Painter Tony Hinchliffe

Creating artwork has always brought me a sense of escapism that I love. British painter Tony Hinchliffe wholeheartedly engages in the exploration of his creativity. When someone experiences emotional arousal, it acts as a significant motivating factor for me because I derive pleasure from bringing happiness to people through my artwork.

Medium that is preferred.

Tony sometimes chooses to create an acrylic underpainting first because he enjoys the way that oil paint interacts with acrylic. Tony frequently thins out the oil paint using turpentine. His Figurative painting is solely focused on capturing the emotional atmosphere and closeness found in a particular moment. Using a flexible method with the aim of being impromptu, taking into account the arrangement of bold opposing values to produce a sense of depth.

Artwork that uses symbols or metaphors.

Observing directly into the small details in body language that can be suggestive has been fundamental to the development of a figurative painting style, mainly through drawing figures from life. In his pieces, he often displays the theme that everyone deserves to feel loved, which is the most favorite theme.

Source of inspiration

I draw my primary motivation from observing people, oceans, landscapes, and skies in various weather conditions while being outdoors. I know I’ve succeeded when I can look at my finished painting and accurately recall how I felt while painting it.

In one of my recent projects, I am focused on capturing skies and landscapes from high altitudes. It is a great source of enjoyment for me to explore the skies using my paramotor, where I fly above, around, and occasionally even within the clouds. Depicting the atmosphere and light at several thousand feet can be both fascinating and a challenging task for a painter.

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