Choosing The Right Art For Your Home

Choosing The Right Art For Your Home

One of the most frequent questions interior designers get asked is ‘How do I go about choosing the right artwork?

Connecting elements in the room together, whether its coordinating soft furnishings in with the artwork alongside complimentary wall tones and furniture choices.

Its important to select the right piece for that specific space and is what helps you to define your personality in your home or office. If your preferred space is one of the following styles:


Postmodern, retro, mid-century modern, traditional, cottage style, classic, transitional, bauhaus, bohemian or an eclectic feel…

Show your home some love by sprucing up existing pieces upgrading the frames or splash out on a superb Limited Edition Print, these are also investments into your future and you will take them with you if or when you are moving or renovating.

The odd original piece always works well as this serves as the focal point in the room. Gallery Wall displays are also a very versatile way to personalise your walls offering different locations to choose from including Stair wells, Landings, Hallways and Entrances.