Craig Alan New Releases 2020

Craig Alan New Releases 2020

The show-stopping pieces in this new exhibition from a visionary artist and innovator range from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, and embrace famous faces, iconic landmarks, social comments and artist homages. Each one is a reflection of a remarkable creative gift and demonstrates that Craig is an artist at the height of his powers.


”For me, the people and how they interact with each other and what they come together to make is the most important aspect of each painting.”

Craig Alan is an artist with a unique and powerful vision. His work sends out a clear and optimistic message; when we are prepared to make a contribution to the wider world and work together, we are
able to be a part of something beautiful, fascinating and extraordinary which is bigger than ourselves. His art is about more than form, colour, style or genre. It is, he says, all about the importance of belonging.