Craig Alan

Craig Alan

Craig Alan

Craig uses a combination of technical skill, creativity, and wit to depict iconic faces, buildings, and abstracts. He achieves this by intricately painting dozens, and at times, even hundreds of exquisite figures. Every unique piece is designed in black and white, featuring a touch of red on select glamorous faces. Reflecting Craig’s distinct perspective on life, they each contribute, in their own unique way, to the overall composition by focusing on the intricate details.

Craig meticulously plans and meticulously creates every tiny figure, all of which possess their own distinct identity and personality that he has meticulously deliberated down to the smallest details. In a few of his very scarce originals, he goes to the extent of describing the clothing of each person in great detail.

His work has a uniquely personal touch because it includes family members, friends, and models as his cast of characters. The number of people in each piece varies from 400 to 1,800, depending on the type of work it is. He dedicates between 50 to 150 working hours on one painting.

Craig, who was born in California, but now based in Atlanta, discovered his artistic talent when his family relocated to the southern region. In the beginning, he experimented with street portraiture, and this endeavor helped him refine his ability to replicate the human figure. He has showcased his artwork throughout the United States, receiving great recognition, and is currently making a noteworthy influence in the UK market.

There is a work of art hanging up in Senator Reed‘s office in The White House, and it was displayed in Scope Miami 2014. The artwork conveys the message that we are all connected to something bigger and emphasises the importance of cooperation in achieving equilibrium.