Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde

Doug possesses the heat of the summer sun along with a smile that corresponds. Given this consideration, it distinguishes him from other artists in Britain presently and has resulted in him being the beloved Artist of the UK.

Doug lives in Bath with his family, and it is his family that serves as his inspiration every day and is included in many of his paintings and sculptures. His whimsical images in his artworks, including sculptures, are renowned and revered for always telling witty and charming tales and stories.

Doug’s ascent to these impressive levels in the Art world is truly remarkable, and his ability to sustain that level of prominence and popularity is a testament to his character as an individual and overall wonderful person.

Since his arrival on the Art scene in 2003, with his now iconic Pastel image of a smiling face, he has genuinely attracted a significant global fan base. He has received the title of UK artist of the year and has been recognised by the BBC, the UK’s most popular living artist. Additionally, he has raised substantial funds for charity.

Over the years, Doug’s wonderful depiction of life, filled with wit, joy, vibrant energy, and a world of colour, has embraced many seasons, subjects, places, and themes. All this is derived from a man who possesses both abundant energy and a deep appreciation for the beauty of life and family. He has become the most beloved contemporary artist of the 21st century because of all of this.