Doug Hyde

Doug has the warmth of the summer sun and a smile to match. With this in mind, it sets him apart from other artists in Britain today and has made him the UK’s beloved Artist.

Doug lives in Bath with his family and it is his family, who inspire him every day and are part of many of his paintings and sculptures. He is renowned and revered for his Whimsical images in his Art works, including his sculptures, which always tell very witty and charming tales and stories.

Doug’s rise to these heady heights in the Art world is nothing short of extraordinary and to maintain that prominence and popularity is testament to him as an individual and allround lovely human being. Since arriving on the Art scene back in 2003, with his Now iconic Pastel image of a smiling face, he has quite literally garnered a huge worldwide following and has been named the UK artist of the year and been awarded by the BBC’, the UK’s most popular living artist and has raised many thousands for Charity.

Over the years, Doug has embraced many a season, subject, place or theme to create his wonderful depiction of life , through wit , joy and a world of colour and vibrant energy. All this comes from a man full of energy and the wonderment of life and family. All of this has made him the 21st centuries most beloved contemporary artist.