Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez


Fabian, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967, a country known for its intense passion and political power during that time, holds a belief in the romantic world and the idea that there are defined roles for women and men, but he does not view power as the ultimate objective.

Having experienced a challenging childhood in which he lost both of his parents before the age of 20, he found himself facing grief and uncertainty about his future. His father was the owner of both a nightclub and a bordello, which were both considered immoral and illegal at that time.

Recalling visits from the police and his father’s jail time, he remembers many instances when his father attempted to escape out the back door before being apprehended. However, it was not always feasible for him to go to the jail and try to see his father.

His mother, an artistic person herself, encouraged young Fabian to develop his talent for Art and keep him off the streets by drawing and painting a great deal and proudly displaying his work on the walls at home.

Fabian’s work is fuelled by the passion that originates from a deep place within him, evoked by the recollections of his father’s life and his own desperate state, which resulted in profound sadness. This sadness left him feeling bewildered and compelled to embark on a life as a gypsy for a number of years. While living with friends and in martial arts studios, he started teaching Karate as he turned to martial arts. Here is where he encountered Oscar Higa, a Japanese Karate master, who later became his friend, mentor, instructor, and father figure.

After spending some time living a nomadic existence in Rio, he ultimately made the decision to get his act together and accompanied Oscar to Italy. It was in the small town of Padova, located just outside of Venice, that his career as an artist began.

After spending seven years in Italy, traveling extensively, he eventually made the decision to relocate to Japan. He continued to teach karate there and his experience with the martial art influenced his paintings, where he sought to capture the fluid movement of flamenco and dance.

Today, he resides in Los Angeles with his spouse, Luciana, and their three offspring. She frequently appears as the central figure in his paintings and never refuses Fabian’s artistic desires…she will forever be his muse. By painting in the mornings or early afternoons, when the light is optimal, and predominantly using acrylic, he crafts his melancholic, intense, and alluring artworks. He prefers to convey a concept rather than every detail, capturing the mood through the use of color to evoke the emotions experienced by the observer.