Iain Faulkner

Iain Faulkner

Glasgow Artist

Iain Faulkner, a Scottish artist born in Glasgow in 1973, has always stayed true to his roots. After graduating from the esteemed Glasgow School of Art in 1996, Faulkner embarked on a journey that deviated from the trendy and contemporary art scene embraced by his fellow artists. Instead, he chose the path of figurative painting, a challenging route that allows for a straightforward assessment of his competence, draughtsmanship, and painterly skills, flaws and all.

Fine Art Painter

Despite his relatively young age, Faulkner has achieved immense success in his career. His last four exhibitions in London and New York were met with overwhelming demand, as every limited edition print showcasing his powerful and visually striking portrayals sold out. This undeniable appreciation and interest from the public is a testament to Faulkner’s talent.

Faulkner’s paintings captivate viewers with their lack of narrative and instead rely solely on their visual impact. Each artwork freezes a moment in time, characterized by serenity, introspection, and perhaps a hint of melancholy. These emotions are further intensified through the skilled use of chiaroscuro, creating a striking contrast between light and dark tones.

The stillness portrayed in Faulkner’s everyday scenes evokes a sense of inner-reflection. The formal and self-absorbed demeanor of his youthful subjects accentuates this feeling, heightened by the interplay of light and shadows that emphasize their emotional detachment.

For the first time, Faulkner includes charcoal drawings in his exhibition, showcasing his mastery in both drawing techniques and the essential understanding of tone control. These drawings offer a glimpse into Faulkner’s creative process, peeling back the layers to reveal the depth behind his paintings without the need for words like “delve” or “conclusion.” This new addition serves as evidence of Faulkner’s talent and further solidifies his position as an exceptional artist.

View the works of Scottish artist Iain Faulkner, who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a BA in Fine Art. Faulkner’s impressive career includes numerous solo shows in several countries, such as the UK, USA, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. His artwork can be found in various private and corporate collections. In fact, Faulkner’s talent led to a prestigious commission in 2010, where he painted the portraits of the European Ryder Cup Team members.


Faulkner’s paintings revolve around a solitary figure, situated in a frozen moment of reflection, preoccupation, or self-absorption. Adorned in a white shirt, black suit trousers, and leather shoes, this figure presents himself amidst a background that hints at scenes of withdrawal and consolidation. There’s an undeniable sense of inward-turning as the subject appears to be rootless and world-weary, whether found in a hotel, behind the wheel of a car, or steering a motor-boat. The figures within the paintings evoke a nomadic lifestyle, and by obscuring or turning away their faces, Faulkner invites us to perceive them as relatable individuals, both familiar and universal in nature.


Faulkner employs a meticulously-realized representational technique, showcasing his exceptional draughtsmanship and expert manipulation of light and shadow. Through his mastery, he brings to life the architectural details, spatial dimensions, and atmospheric ambiance within his compositions. Blending a cool color palette dominated by shades of black, grey, and white, Faulkner creates an overall sense of serene detachment. The paintings are replete with reflective surfaces: glass, polished chrome, and painted metal become elements that refract, fragment, and repeat their surroundings.


These images carry a sense of romance, evoking notions of modern-day male heroes. The figures, solitary and contemplative, suggest a feeling of alienation, but also convey autonomy and resilience. They bring to mind the iconic ‘Wanderer’ by Caspar David Friedrich, the captivating characters from ‘bandes dessinées,’ or even the adventurous Scottish protagonist of Ian Fleming’s works. These paintings capture strategic interludes in which thoughts are collected and decisions are made before returning to the battlefield and rejoining the tumultuous journey of life.

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