Introducing Tony Hinchliffe

Introducing Tony Hinchliffe

We are thrilled to be receiving the delivery of three of Tony Hinchliffe’s powerfully romantic figurative works this week; 
Black Russian, Morphine Underground and The Love Maker. 
What a wonderful gift to give this Christmas. 

Call Marilyn to register your interest or drop by to see these stunning pieces in the flesh. 

“My Figurative painting is all about depicting the mood and intimacy within a moment, using a loose approach to my brushwork, trying to be spontaneous while carefully considering placement of strong contrasting values to create depth.

I have spent thousands of hours drawing figures from life, this has been fundamental to the development of my figurative painting style – mainly because I get to observe directly the little details in body language that can suggest all manner of narrative, my favourite one is that everyone deserves to feel loved.”

“I have always loved the sense of escapism that comes with creating artwork. I am passionate about exploring my creativity, and constantly developing my techniques to keep that feeling of energy within my work.” Tony has always been motivated by the viewer’s emotional response to his work