Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris

Jackie Morris, an exceptional artist and writer, has garnered considerable acclaim for her breathtaking watercolour masterpieces. Her heart is captivated by the enchanting allure of the sea, as she frequently strolls along its shores, immersing herself in the awe-inspiring presence of bears and whales, an endless source of dreams.

She was born in 1961 in Birmingham and lived there until at the age of four when her family moved to Evesham, inspired to draw from a very early age by her father who used to sketch and take her on outings in nature.

“I remember walking in the park by the river, bank voles and weeping willows and bright flashes of kingfishers. I loved the ferry at Hampton where the ferryman pulled you across the river to a land of fields and blackberries, where my dad would walk with me and show me how to find birds’ nests and tales of when he was a boy.”


Born in Birmingham in 1961, Jackie’s artistic aspirations were kindled at an early age by her father’s skilful sketches and nature expeditions. However, when she attended Prince Henry’s High School, her creative inclination was discouraged, stifling her natural inclination to draw and envision. Undeterred, she pursued further education, first in Hereford and then in Exeter, only to encounter naysayers who vehemently proclaimed that she would never prosper as an illustrator.

In a serendipitous turn of events, Jackie relocated to the captivating landscapes of Wales just as she embarked on her inaugural children’s book, “Jo’s Storm,” authored by Caroline Pitcher. Throughout the years, she has adorned countless literary works with her artistic prowess, while also forging her own path as an accomplished author. Jackie confesses her affinity towards animal companionship over human interaction, although she does display moments of sociability.

Residing in the captivating embrace of Pembrokeshire, Wales, Jackie currently operates from the sanctuary of her home studio. Her dedication to her craft has made her a luminary in the artistic realm, while her unmistakable name, paired with her profound collaboration with Robert Macfarlane, has lent unparalleled prominence to her latest endeavour, “The Lost Spells” and “The Lost Words.”

Undaunted she escaped to Bath Academy, set in a beautiful stately home in Corsham. The Academy with its peacocks and lawns was a much better creative environment.

After graduation she found work in London as an illustrator for magazine and book publishers.

Over a seven year period she worked for The New Statesman, New Socialist, Independent, Guardian and Radio Times. She also designed cards and calendars for Greenpeace and Amnesty International and fell into children’s books by accident.

“I would like a grandfather clock that chimes the hour and has a big key to wind it up. It would sit in my studio and when I have painted for six hours I would get up to make tea and wind back time, because what I need more than anything is more hours in the day.”

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