Jeremy Barlow

Jeremy Barlow artwork limited edition prints

Jeremy’s studies at the school of Art in Northampton have greatly inspired him, particularly by architecture, the sun and shadows, texture and light, as well as atmosphere and ambience.

As a passionate traveler, he has captured the essence of numerous charming and famous cities, towns, and coastlines around the world, including Venice, Verona, Marseilles, Provence, St Tropez, Marrakech, and Norfolk. To give just a small number of examples. He now resides in Holt, Norfolk, where he enjoys painting the coastal towns of Holkham, Hunstanton, Brancombe Blakeney, and many others.

In his work, he employs oil, acrylic, and watercolours to tackle the challenges of perspective, evocativeness, and serenity. Using Gesso primed board as his canvas, which provides a slight texture and enhances paint adhesion, he achieves a consistently solid finish. He sketches in acrylics diluted with water as well.

During his extensive journeys, he produces a large number of artworks, ranging from 50 to 60, which come in different sizes. Additionally, he frequently incorporates detailed drawings with overlays of vivid blocks in Acrylic as well as various tones.

Jeremy’s work exudes an essence of romance and nostalgia, all while showcasing the exquisite beauty of colour and texture. His exhibitions, held annually at The Royal Institute of Oil Painters from 2014 to 2017, have garnered him and his work a loyal following and elevated him to great heights.