Joanna Taylor

Joanna Taylor

Joanna Taylor, British Landscape Artist

Joanna, a British artist, finds endless inspiration in the landscape art of Exmoor, the New Forest, and the Yorkshire Dales for her studies of cloud formation. Following extensive travels in Africa and the Middle East, she became captivated by the magic of colourful and contrasting big skies. Now settled in Devon with her husband and four small boys, she continues to be drawn to the complexity of the sky and is equally inspired by the drama of Britain’s beautiful moorlands, particularly Dartmoor.

In Joanna’s stunning compositions, Dartmoor is her favourite location to sketch the intricate dance between clouds and the horizon. She then returns home to expressively layer the light and shadow in oils. Influenced by the Dutch artist Jacob van Ruisdael’s study of cloudscapes and the vastness of Thomas Cole’s canvases, Joanna strives to capture the magnificence of light spilling from clouds in her own work.

Her canvases adopt a 70:30 ratio, magnifying the moment the landscape meets the horizon and offering an atmospheric perspective on the vastness of nature and the insignificance of self. Through expressively blended paint, Joanna creates depth and texture on her canvases, while her innate skill in using colour floods them with light and life. This fusion of serenity and drama produces stunning effects that showcase the magic of British landscape art. 

Picture Framing and Glass options

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