John Waterhouse

John Waterhouse

John Waterhouse artist at Whitehorse Gallery

John Waterhouse, a talented and versatile oil painter, is one of Britain’s most accomplished artists, having won awards. His paintings, which are highly acclaimed, encompass a variety of subjects such as misty mountains and carefully depicted female figures.

These paintings are a reflection of his deep passion for the beauty he finds in people, places, and objects.

John’s idealised images have been a source of inspiration for art lovers. His creative process, which involves weeks of preparation prior to working on the finished oil painting, is painstaking and meticulous. Each piece is rooted in a memory or emotion, which may be recorded as a title, a brief sketch, or a more thorough depiction – these sketches or drawings assist him in reestablishing a connection with the feelings or memories that inspired the initial concept.

He characterises himself as a light student, clarifying that he focuses on studying the light in addition to, or perhaps even more than, the physical elements of a landscape, such as how the light may interact with certain types of grass or be reflected on the surface of a flooded field.


John, who was born in 1967, commenced his career by teaching art to young offenders. As a result, he developed the belief that art possesses the capability to deeply impact individuals’ lives and positively transform them in various ways. “It grants us the ability to articulate our thoughts and let go of our feelings.

“Art allows us to communicate our identity to the world”.

After realising that art allows you to delve deep into yourself and transform that energy into something positive, something that others can witness and hopefully find inspiration from, he became determined to become an artist. Since making this decision, he has established himself as one of our most highly regarded and sought-after landscape artists.