Kate Miller

Kate Miller studied illustration at Manchester University, graduating in 1994. Kate Miller then went on to do an MA at Kingston and it was here she took up screen-printing. This led to many years working as a successful screen printer, both for many illustration clients and also for individual galleries and exhibitions. With her roots firmly fixed in the artisan print making world, Kate Miller creates digital multi-layered images, juxtaposing swathes of vibrant colour, hand drawn sketches, found objects and photographic elements.

Kate’s urban landscapes capture the soul and atmosphere of each city. The heat and urban traffic of New York; the narrow streets and café culture of Paris; the iconic landmarks of London and the canals and bright sunshine of Venice. Love, memories and cities are often inextricably entwined. There isn’t a restaurant, a street, or building that doesn’t double as a monument for personal experience or encounter. Kate Miller is based in Edinburgh and her work has been used widely throughout the design, editorial and advertising sectors.