Katharine Dove

Katharine Dove

Katherine Dove

The surroundings of Katharine Dove, which shift and change with the passing of the seasons, are the inspiration for her exquisite paintings.

Among the many images that have provided her with a wealth of material are the regency buildings of a Cotswold town at cherry blossom time, the timeless charm of a Cornish fishing village, and the magical appearance of a gilded carousel set against a starlit sky; she finds herself drawn to the built environment and its juxtaposition with the natural world.

Kate’s work is based on the images she captures on film or in sketches while carrying a camera and a notebook with her during her travels. She experiences her maximum happiness when she engages in the process of creating a new artistic work, employing various materials in order to produce unique and captivating outcomes that accurately depict her subject while also allowing room for imaginative interpretation.

Over time, she has crafted a distinctive and identifiable style, utilizing a singular blend of materials to produce beautiful colors, intricate elements, and occasional moments of powerful emotion.

Kate has had several successful solo exhibitions around the UK, working from her Cotswold studio. After being highly commended in a 2011 Broadway art competition, she participated in her first national competition, The Artist and Illustrator Magazine Artist of the Year 2014. As a result, she was shortlisted and invited to exhibit at the Mall Galleries in 2015. She has now firmly established herself as a successful Cotswold artist and is an undoubted star with an exciting international future.