Katy Jade Dobson

From Yorkshire, Katy is a UK based artist who loves to work in the very traditional medium of oil. Most notable for her very vibrant use of colour and subject matters of wildlife and nature.

Katy’s works are very much seen as a form of worship and honour towards nature, satisfying her feelings of escapism that comes from the inner feeling felt by meditation. This carries through her works and her creativeness, enabling her to produce such beautiful images and paintings. Her work is both serene and surreal and creates a feeling of calm and chaos at the same time.

Katy uses the very traditional Art medium of Oil , with no other interventions such as digital etc…. by using this medium to create incredible modern contemporary art work and marrying it with the Old world technique, thus creating the most gentle and surreal impressions of nature and wildlife.

Katy is an independent artist, well known both internationally and around the UK, having sell out collections from collectors around the world.