Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson

Katy, along with esteemed artists like David Hockney, Henry Moore, and Barbara Hepworth, originates from beautiful North East Yorkshire, known as God’s own country. Having relocated to Lincolnshire, Katy’s early years were marked by the creation of stone animal paintings found in her grandmother’s garden.

She nurtured her passion for Art through self-taught techniques that encompassed both drawing and painting. Her primary focus revolved around the creation of ethereal portraits and intricate sketches. This period is often regarded as the catalyst for her artistic journey.

Katy obtained her Honours Degree in Fine Art from Tyhe University in Lincoln. She studied Fine Art there and mentioned that her learning process was progressive. She discovered her passion for Oil as her medium and fell in love with it. She also stated that contemporary fine art held less significance to her.

Starting in 2013, Katy launched her artistic career, pouring all her energy, creativity, money, heart, and soul into its advancement. Initially, she believed that achieving success in this field was impossible, but she was mistaken.

Now, her career has become incredibly successful, and she has emerged as one of the prominent symbolist artists in the UK. Katy draws inspiration from the French Surrealist/Symbolist painter Odilon Redon and has gained a growing international fan base. She is on track to reach great heights in the world of art.

Achieving all of this within the first year, including accumulating followers through various social media platforms, being on the cover of The Journal Magazine, having an article in American Cliché, and earning a living from her art, was a major accomplishment.

Katy’s spontaneous painting style remains true to her extreme opulence, vividness, and no holds barred approach to colours in oil. Her approach also incorporates kinematic overtones, elegance, and a rich palette. The various colours and dramatic elements contribute to the creation of high drama and an ethereal, harmonious, and present feeling.

Katy does not shy away from using both representational imagery of animals, nature, and portraiture, incorporating recognisable images on a loose and painterly background resembling clouds. She utilises her fingers to create a smooth and blended effect with the oils, resulting in movement and visually pleasing compositions. The decision making is constantly influenced by the colour palette, shapes, and composition.

Katy’s work resonates with colour purists, harmonists, and dreamers alike, and she derives equal enjoyment from the process as well as the completed painting. Her work is appealing to a diverse range of buyers, collectors, and admirers of her art.

The correlation between family in nature and the human world is distinct, resulting in her family groups of bears and deer always striking at the heartstrings. When she sees her work on the walls of Galleries, it sometimes makes her feel nervous and exposed because her work lives with her and her family, forming part of her own personal journey. When framed and hung, they appear to adopt a more formal ambiance, somewhat mature.