Kimberley Harris

Kimberley Harris

Introducing Kimberley Harris Art, Limited Edition Prints and Original Artwork

Kimberley Harris, the talented artist, holds a deep admiration for impressionist art, which was sparked when her father took her to the Tate Gallery to see a JMW Turner exhibition. This moment ignited a burning desire within her to create art that could rival Turner’s esteemed works.

Art Study

In 2005, Kimberley achieved her Diploma in Art and Design, an unforgettable milestone that marked the fulfilment of a cherished dream since that fateful day at the Tate Gallery. Now, she had the opportunity to create art that could truly rival the great Turner.

2014, Kimberley’s passion for painting was reignited by an unexpected encounter with a renowned artist. This encounter opened up new doors and possibilities for her, as she dove into the world of oils and palette knife techniques. Inspired by the artist’s unique methods, she was eager to explore her own creative style.

Contemporary Fine Art

Through countless experiments with colours and textures, Kimberley rapidly developed a newfound love for painting. Nowadays, she spends her free time in her studio crafting exquisite pieces of art, using oils and a palette knife to bring her visions to life.

Drawing inspiration from Turner’s artistry and the natural splendour of the surrounding countryside, Kimberley quickly established her own signature style. Her main focus centres on capturing the captivating interplay of colour and light during different times of the day, with an acute eye for the subtle variations. Her meticulous attention to detail in layering and blending the palette knife work is key to achieving the desired tone, texture, and luminosity.

“I am constantly striving to create artwork that captures the essence of rural areas and channels the artistic motivation I found in Turner,” Kimberley explains.

Kimberley’s career as an artist has skyrocketed, with her paintings earning worldwide recognition. Her breathtaking art, defined by vibrant colours and a unique style, has garnered praise and captured the hearts of art collectors everywhere. Her dedication and hard work have paved the way for her success, and she remains committed to bringing joy to her many fans by creating beautiful, evocative pieces.

Picture Framing

Kimberley’s artwork is framed in wide double white mount slip with a 5cm Black box grained contemporary frame.

Whitehorse Gallery’s ‘Master Framers’ have accumulated over 30 years of experience, showcasing unmatched expertise in framing artwork.

The Team, having learned the family’s traditional framing techniques, possess the knowledge and ability to complete the job with precision. With expertise in both small-scale framed pieces and large commercial picture framing projects, they have the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the job on time and to the highest standards. Continuing a rich family tradition, they uphold the legacy. Ready to provide outstanding framing services.


We also have many years experience on fulfilling international shipments and make custom crates to suit so your artwork arrives safe in one piece, please contact us if you need it shipping aboard.

Art Hanging

Do you require your artwork to be hanged up on the wall, again if you are a UK customer this is something we can do for you at very little cost. Contact us today to get he ball rolling so we can book you in.