Kimberley Harris 

Kimberley Harris 

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One of Kimberley’s earliest memories involved her father, who had a deep appreciation for impressionist art, bringing her to the Tate Gallery to see a JMW Turner exhibition. That moment ignited a desire within her, and she realised her aspiration to create artwork akin to the esteemed Turner.

In 2005, she received her Diploma in Art and Design, having devoted her time to honing her craft. Kimberly considered this a momentous occasion, as it symbolised the fulfilment of a dream she had cherished since her eventful day at the Tate Gallery.

Now, she could create art that rivalled the great Turner’s.

In 2014, her passion for painting was reignited by a chance encounter with a renowned artist. He opened up a new world of possibilities for her by introducing her to the use of oils and the palette knife. The artist’s unique techniques inspired her, and she was eager to explore her own creative style.

After experimenting with various colours and textures, she quickly developed a newfound passion for painting. She currently utilises her free time in her studio to produce exquisite pieces of art using oils and a palette knife.

According to Kimberley, she draws inspiration from J.M.W. I quickly developed my own signature style, with a focus on the natural beauty of the countryside that surrounds me, thanks to Turner.

My main focus now is on capturing the way colour and light interact with each other at different times of the day, paying close attention to their subtle variations. I have a strong attention to detail when it comes to layering and blending the palette knife work in order to achieve the desired tone, texture, and light.

‘I am always working towards creating the ideal artwork that portrays the essence of the rural areas and Turner’s artistic motivation’.

Kimberley’s career as an artist has been extremely successful, with her paintings being sold worldwide. To this day, she has managed to sell a considerable number of her artworks in the United Kingdom, and a few of her paintings have also found their way to both the United States and Australia.

Her art, known for its vibrant colours and unique style, has garnered praise and is highly sought after by art collectors. She has been successful due to her hard work and dedication to her craft, and she continues to work hard to create beautiful pieces that will bring joy to her many fans.