Kris Hardy

Kris was born and raised in Nottingham and at the age of 19, he went off to the university of Huddersfield , where he studied vehicle design, after completing a college course in Art and Design . He graduated in 2000 with a 1st class honours degree.

Growing up in the city, he was surrounded and inspired by the very interesting Architecture. Seeing the demolition of an old council building that was both unsightly and uninhabitable, allowed him to see such wonderfully bold and geometric shapes, which against the skyline, inspired him to become the hugely talented and celebrated cityscape artist he is today.

His soft , romantic and flowing elements perfectly marry up with the sometimes harsh and monolithic scale and stature of the buildings. He works in Bold strong lines, with blocks of tone, enhanced by foliage and organic architecture, influenced by Urban and Graffiti street art.

His use of Oils, watercolour and acrylic perfectly blends with his style to create very atmospheric and filmic proportions in colour and scale.

With his repertoire growing and his work being highly sought after, Kris has completed numerous commissions for some high profile clients, such as Boris Johnson and British gas.