Marilyn reviews artist Danielle O’Connor Akiyama

Marilyn reviews artist Danielle O’Connor Akiyama


Welcome to White Horse gallery’s latest blog update and let us introduce you to Danielle Akiyama’s work. She comes from Toronto in Canada and currently is residing in Ireland where she’s painted her new collection ‘Chasing the light’, which is due for release.

For your delight here, we have two wonderful pieces of Danielle’s work, both limited editions although when you look very closely at Danielle’s work it can very easily tell you it’s an original, it’s that refined and that detailed also with all of the impasto layering of her work, It’s very structured.

Danielle is a very spiritual person and that’s also her life from the teenage years where her mother taught her to paint and her sisters are also artists so it’s very much a family affair. Danielle has taken the leap of faith to teach herself through Japanese sumi art and you’ll see very closely her red markings which are all the way through Danielle’s work, also the chop mark which is her own qualification really in sumia, which means source of Joy and that’s Danielle’s personal markings, so when you see all of the red markings in all Daniel pieces.

It’s all about movement and journey and moving your life forwards nothing ever stands still always we are evolving and moving on, that’s how Danielle expresses work. This piece is quite floral and she insists that she doesn’t paint flowers but actually I think she now recognises that people do connect and this emanates with that source of joy. The colours that Danielle chooses are often colours of the season so you can see blues and greens and pinks which would probably give you a very much of spring and summer palette.

Framed in the most beautiful Frame lacquered white tray Moulding profile, although there are other frame choices available and you can choose from any of our collection so do pop in, give us a call or look on our website to see more of Danielle’s work.

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Danielle has enjoyed major international success as an artist for over 30 years. A Canadian based in Toronto and married to Denis, she has spent much of her life travelling, and has exhibited her vibrant and exquisite masterpieces to great acclaim all over the world.

Danielle was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1957. From an early age she enjoyed the freedom and serenity of living in a small community of just 22 homes, nurtured by the warmth of those around her, and guided by her family’s strength and faith. They provided a wonderfully artistic environment; her mother and two sisters all paint – she describes her mother as a painter with a courageous paintbrush and a fierce belief – and her creative father was affectionately known as ‘the mad inventor’. Along with her four brothers and sisters, she took great delight in hearing the many stories that their parents told them, revelling in unfettered opportunities to let her imagination run wild.

After an illness in her teens, Danielle began to travel the world as a natural rehabilitation. Her mother encouraged her to have a fearless approach to the creative process… to find an inner peace from the act of paint interacting with paper.

This period marked the start of an intimate relationship with art and the beginning of a spiritual insight which has provided the foundation of all her creations. A simple secret told to Danielle by her mother at the time was ,“boys and paintings – don’t tell them everything!” This wonderful quote encapsulates the idea of open and unexplained areas on her canvases which allows the observer’s personal interpretation.

Danielle’s time spent with her mother helped focus her purpose and direction: painting was a brilliant and joyful form of expression. Courage was her guide. She began her lifelong habit of travel which at this time included Kent in England, Ireland, the Continent and North Africa. Inspired deeply, she came home to paint and tell “the stories” with her brush. Every subsequent trip served to inspire the fire of her imagination and fuel her will to become a solid painter.

After studying Art Therapy, Danielle commenced a career as an Art therapist using multiple artforms as a direct link to the emotional world – without verbal intellectualization or guarded style. The power of art once again revealed itself to her as clients blossomed and healed.

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