Natalie Toplass

Natalie Toplass

Natalie Toplass

Natalie Toplass, an artist, has been popular at White Horse Gallery for a long time and has gained popularity in the UK and internationally. Natalie, having a reputation for her precise attention, vivid hues, and bold modern technique, predominantly utilises oils and is located in Shropshire.

She displayed her subject, which is the centre of attention, against a backdrop of vibrant hues. Drama and vitality characterise her work.

Natalie shares that Ambrosius Bosschaert, Karl Blossfeldt, and Georgia O’Keefe have influenced her, particularly the early 17th century Dutch painters. She finds inspiration in how they use colour and form. She is known for her intricate attention to detail, vivid colour palette, and bold modern aesthetic, with oils being her primary medium. Her work often displays a sense of grandeur and is filled with theatricality and vitality.

Over the years, my enthusiasm for painting nature and birds has developed into a fervent pursuit.

‘I wanted to maintain the intricacy, personality, and delicacy while exploring the idea of working on a larger scale. When I expand my perspective, I am immersed in vibrant colours and alluring forms, some of which typically go unnoticed when observed at a smaller scale’.

I allow the subject to determine the exact value that I focus on. In certain situations, the subject’s impact and dynamism can be expressed solely through its colour, while in other situations, the thorough study and capture of the intensity of contrasts between light and shade in a fleeting moment of nature is required.

The symmetry is what the fundamental existence of nature depends on. She finds the perfect and harmonious structure of an object that can be divided into equal shapes and sizes to be fascinating.

Natalie’s creation of new symmetrical artwork involves utilising sections from her previous paintings, repeating shapes, colours, and textures. There are six duplicate images on a single canvas, resulting in a resemblance resembling a kaleidoscope.