Neil Pengelly

Neil Pengelly


Since a child, Northants based artist Neil has been honing his skills in drawing, painting, and more recently, digital artworks. He has now found a style of creating artworks that marries all of these techniques together. His unique approach to his artwork has been praised by many, and his work has been featured in galleries across the UK. Neil’s artworks are a beautiful combination of traditional and modern techniques, and he is always looking to push the boundaries of art.

His artwork has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. His early work featured chalk and charcoal figurative pieces but he now creates vibrant and expressive pieces that explore a range of subject matters. While he has embraced the limitless possibilities of digital art, he has stayed true to his artistry and adds his own unique touches to each print and frame. These special touches include acrylic and oil paints, as well as diamond dust and micro glitters.

The result is a stunning collection of artwork that is sure to impress.

My motto, “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” is something that I have chosen to represent my artistic journey. It is a reminder to me to keep pushing forward, to keep exploring and never settle for mediocrity. This motto has been a source of motivation and inspiration for me, pushing me to strive for greater heights in my work. It serves as a reminder that I should never stop learning, growing, and creating.