Whitehorse Gallery's

New Beginnings of a New Chapter

Over the past four years, Whitehorse Gallery has had an epic journey, starting with the big leap of opening our first Gallery in Banbury. It has been quite an adventure, but we decided to take a short break to renovate our family home while still managing things online. 

Sometimes we had to lie down for a while just to recover from it all. 😆

It’s been thrilling.

We’re elated to announce that we are beginning a new phase of our amazing journey with the addition of a gallery space that includes an art lounge serving high-quality coffee and light refreshments. ☕️🧁

We extend our gratitude to all our followers, friends, and customers, and in the near future, we will be disclosing our latest plans to all of you..

Looking forward to seeing you at the launch event Christmas 2023 and celebrating in style the start of our next art venture. 🍾

Have a wonderful summer break and see you on the other side..

❤️ Sending love to all of you.  

The Team at Whitehorse Gallery x.

Our Vision

The Gallery will be the perfect place to experience contemporary art in its finest form. You will be mesmerised by the stunning setting, with art displays changing frequently to provide a unique and fresh look. As you walk in, you will be surrounded by the most exquisite pieces of modern art, creating a truly one-off experience. Whether you are an art enthusiast or a casual observer, the Gallery promises to provide a visually stimulating and unforgettable experience, and great coffee too!

Framing your art

Our dedicated team of expert picture framers carefully execute all of our artisan conservation picture framing techniques with the utmost care and attention. They ensure that everything we do fully protects the artwork and is fully reversible in case you decide to change the design in the future.


Whitehorse team consists of professionals who specialise in fine art installation and international shipping logistics. Check out our five-star reviews and the feedback from our overseas customers to see that we have expertise in creating top-quality, custom-fitted art crates for protecting valuable works during worldwide distribution.


Do you require us to install your artwork? There is not an issue. Contact us for additional information and scheduling an appointment to arrange a site visit, as we have a committed team of skilled white glove installers available to complete the task.

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