Paul Oz

Paul Oz

Paul Oz

Paul Oz is a leading British portrait artist and sculptor known for his groundbreaking and provocative works. By creating large-scale, heavily textured oil paintings and dynamic sculptures, we aim to celebrate icons of popular culture and sport with a maximum impact and energy in a 3D format.

Oz has become one of the most collectable and exclusive artists in the nation over the past decade, with an extensive collector base that includes Jenson Button, Sir Alex Ferguson, Wretch32, and Theo Paphitis.

Paul Oz, a Midlands artist who works in both painting and sculpture, has gained well-deserved recognition in the commercial art world for his instantly recognisable portraits and sculptures. His work is renowned for its explosive quality, establishing him as the foremost artist worldwide in his genre.

Given Paul’s impressive body of work and global fanbase, it is not surprising that renowned brands such as Red Bull, Selfridges, and Pirelli have shown support and collaborated with him, leading to his work done alongside them.

Solo shows in London, Monaco, Singapore, and Mexico City have generated considerable media attention and solidified Paul’s already expanding reputation, prompting a desire to utilise his newfound success for charitable endeavours.

Paul is incredibly proud to be affiliated with ‘It’s In The Bag’, one of the UK’s most important testicular cancer awareness charities, in addition to his fantastic work with Great Ormond Street Hospital and other organisations.

Oz has created work for famous individuals like Sir Bradley Wiggins and Muhammad Ali. Additionally, commissioned work has been done for the families of Ayton Senna, James Hunt, and Bruce Lee. Limited editions of many pieces are also released. These pieces are hand embellished canvases with a substantial amount of paint added on top. The same tools and technique are used to bring them as close as possible to the original.

Represented by Wishbone Publishing in galleries throughout the UK and by Memento Exclusives in F1 events worldwide.

Paul’s undeniable allure, captivation, and ability to enthral his audiences have been a source of great admiration for a long time, as well as being on a commission basis.