Phillip Dutton White

Born in Birmingham but every inch the international globe trotter of the Art world, who now resides in Malaga Spain, Phillip has lived in many of the World’s most beautiful cities across all five continents, hence the term globe trotter….

An artist of renown and distinction, Phillip has and still works for many world famous brands and organisations from Rolls Royce, BMW, Mitsubishi, Honda, Raytheon, Gulfstream Aerospace, Warner bros and hotel groups, Hyatt, The Hilton and Langham groups amongst many more.

He also works for many private clients between California and parts of Asia, helping to design the interiors of their Villas, Yachts and jets, along with creating wonderful and illuminating Art works for their walls and interiors.

Phillips’ work is all about excellence, in capturing the very essence and skill of his subjects and their lives and achievements . Working on canvas and paper, using Acrylics, watercolour, oils and Granite for his sculptures, he pays tribute to the very souls of his subjects with a passion, versatility and by using the tools of his trade, captures the detail and mastery in the cars too.

Phillip contributed to the legendary Bentley Centenary celebration exhibition , here at Whitehorse Gallery in 2019 and truly brought to life in such wonderful paintings and sculptures the iconic brand that is Bentley.. Opus Publishers produced a wonderful 9 chapter , 800 page book of amazing images and information , in honour of this celebrated and revered brand, featuring 56 images of superb paintings of the legends that were and their cars by Phillip.