Custom Picture Framing

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Master Framers

Whitehorse Gallery’s ‘Master Framers’ have accumulated over 30 years of experience, showcasing unmatched expertise in framing artwork.
The Team, having learned the family’s traditional framing techniques, possess the knowledge and ability to complete the job with precision. With expertise in both small-scale framed pieces and large commercial picture framing projects, they have the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the job on time and to the highest standards. Continuing a rich family tradition, they uphold the legacy. Ready to provide outstanding framing services, our Picture Framers are here to serve the local community and businesses here in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

How long does it take?

We strive to ensure a timely and efficient process. For simpler tasks like mounting and framing, rest assured that you will have your work in your hands within 2 weeks. If you’re looking to have sports shirts or memorabilia framed, kindly allow us up to 3 weeks to complete the task to perfection.

However, we understand that there may be situations where time is of the essence, such as birthdays or special occasions. In such cases, we will go above and beyond to meet your deadlines and have your project ready in time for your event or gifting needs.

Occasionally, securing materials from abroad may be necessary to fulfil your specific requirements. While this may introduce some additional time, we assure you that we will work diligently to minimise any delays and deliver your finished work as promptly as possible.

Alternatively, if we have all the necessary materials readily available, you can expect to receive your completed project within a matter of days. We endeavour to maintain an efficient inventory to ensure seamless and expedited delivery times for our valued customers.


How will I receive my work?

When it comes to delivery, we take great care in ensuring the safety of your artwork. We begin by carefully wrapping all work with cardboard corners and bubble wrap, providing an extra layer of protection. For larger pieces, we go even further by utilising recycled foam edges and a felt cover that offers complete protection to the frame. This is especially useful if you are planning to move or store your art for an extended period of time.

To guarantee the secure transfer of your artwork for national and international orders, we use a strong board that completely covers your art. This extra precaution ensures the safety of your artwork when handled by courier services. For overseas deliveries, we offer the option of building custom crates specifically tailored to your artwork’s dimensions. If you are interested in this service, we would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.

While we take every measure to prevent breakages, accidents can still occur. To give you peace of mind, we have full insurance coverage in place. Although it’s worth noting that in our 20 years of dispatching goods, breakages have been extremely rare. Our packaging undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the most extreme conditions and arrive at its destination safely.

If you have any queries or require further information regarding our package and dispatch service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you

How do i look after my framed art?

Ensuring the longevity of your picture framing for decades involves simple maintenance steps. To maintain the quality of your picture, it is vital to have proper air circulation behind it. You will notice felt “bumpers” on the back of your picture, which allow for this necessary airflow. Please ensure that these bumpers are in place. If they happen to disappear, kindly contact us, and we will promptly send you replacements.

When it comes to cleaning, we typically use art glass for your framing. To clean the glass effectively, use an anti-static cloth. Apply a small amount of window cleaner to the cloth (avoid excessive saturation), and gently wipe the glass in circular motions. Taking these precautions will prevent smearing and prolonged cleaning time. If you require an anti-static cloth, we can provide one made from the same material used in glasses cleaning.

In the case of conservation framing, we insert a vent on the back of your picture to promote air circulation. It is crucial not to cover this vent, as the picture needs to breathe. If your artwork is a canvas, a clean, soft gloss paintbrush will effectively remove any dust accumulated. By following these maintenance practices, your picture will last for decades, if not longer.

Consider the environment in which you display your artwork. Moist environments, such as bathrooms, may not be suitable for paper prints. However, we can assist by sealing or dry mounting and vacuum pressing to prevent warping. If you require more detailed advice, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I measure my print?

In order to obtain an accurate quotation for our services, it is crucial that you furnish us with the accurate dimensions of your artwork. Whether you choose to measure in centimetres or inches, we will be able to determine the cost for you. Please measure from the top to the bottom and from left to right of the specific area you would like to have framed. 

By providing these measurements, we can swiftly provide you with an exact estimate. If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone for a preliminary quote. However, we highly recommend visiting our showroom in person, as prices for materials may vary. Moreover, during an in-person consultation, we can thoroughly discuss all available options with you.


What can I have framed?

For all your picture framing needs, our expert consultation team is here to guide you on how to beautifully frame and showcase your artwork on any wall. We have the expertise to frame a wide range of items, making us the go-to destination for all your framing needs.

Whether it’s paintings, photographs, posters, or even unconventional items, we can help you find the perfect framing solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out and share your specific requirements with us by completing the form above. We look forward to discussing your framing project in greater detail.

Posters, Prints, Limited Edition Art, Canvases, Photography, Watercolours, Drawings, Oil Paintings, Charcoal drawings, Certificates, Cross Stitches, Embroideries, Fire Guards, Antique firearms, Musical equipment, Medals, Sports Shirts, Coats // Suits, Baby Footwear and Clothes, Wedding Dresses, Books, Magazines, Pin Badges, Fossils, Jigsaws, All types of Memorabilia.

Our commercial clients include:

Artists, Photographers, Art Gallery’s, Art Groups, Commercial Companies, Schools and Colleges, Bluetooth Businesses, Retail Outlets, Hotels and Restaurants, Architects and Interior Designers.


What is the best size for my work?

Let’s get it right first time! Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the wall you have in mind for your wall decoration. Begin by measuring the size of the wall and keep this in mind throughout the process – it’s important to avoid incorrect proportions that is either too small or too large for the space. 

If you are planning to hang just one picture, it’s crucial to consider the size of the mount surround and frame width that will accompany it. Choosing the right frame is all about finding the perfect match between the style of the frame moulding and the art piece, keeping in mind the overall aesthetic of your space. 

We highly recommend ensuring that the chosen framing complements the picture as it offers the flexibility to redecorate in the future if desired. To further enhance the cohesion between your wall decoration and its surroundings, you can even bring in a picture of the wall, or a sample of the wallpaper or colour scheme, during your visit to our showroom. By doing so, we can assist you in creating a harmonious blend that seamlessly ties your wall decoration to its environment.

Why Spend on framing for my walls?

Many people often say, “It only cost £5 from the local charity shop.” To transform an inexpensive print into a stunning piece, you can frame it with us. The results will astound you. The focus should not be on the price, but rather on how marvellous it will look and how much joy it will bring you for years to come. 

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, it can be challenging to determine the value of your purchase, especially when it comes to buying a picture frame. Avoid plastic or laminated imitation wood frames. Let’s face it, Ikea frames look cheap and flimsy. Additionally, the process of installing the picture can be frustrating.

 Many frames come with easily scratch-able plastic glass, and ensuring that the artwork remains secure and straight can be a challenge. Save yourself the time and money by getting it right the first time. When you consider the cost divided by the number of years it will hang on your wall, it’s actually a small investment. 

We are here to guide you and work within your budget. Framing doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer affordable frames, as well as luxurious gold leaf gallery mouldings for those with expensive taste. Let’s give your walls the look they deserve.


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