Our Guide to Bespoke Picture Framing

Bespoke Picture Framing is the best route to take if you’re after the perfect match for your style and interior.

Whether you are framing a new piece of art or making over an old favourite, bespoke picture framing can not only enhance the work itself but breathe new life into the room in which they will hang…

It’s sensible to create a spending budget including all pictures that require framing in the room.

So how do we do this if the cost of bespoke framing varies so much?

Well, here’s the solution, to help you gain an understanding we’ve made a rough guide of what costs you can expect to pay for a good quality service.

The most important part of ordering anything bespoke is to make sure you get it exactly to your specific requirements. Col- ours, Tones, Mounts, Mouldings and Slips to match the picture and desired location.

Glass type is an important decision depending on the item being framed – Reflection Control Glass, U.V Protected, Diffused or a Standard Clear also Perspex and Acrylic Plexiglas options?

Consultation is Key – When it comes to choosing the best combina- tion we find working together in a team leads to the most successful result so bring your partner, husband, wife or close friend along to help bounce ideas to and fro…Your experienced framer will always guide you but ultimately the decision will be yours.

Once a decision has been made, the framing team will process and order in materials. Frames come in lengths and are then cut to size and mitered at the corners for an almost seamless fit. Mounts are often hand cut as is glass. The whole piece is the assembled taking great care and attention to detail.

Price Guide

A3 Water colours and Drawings

Features: 3 Inch (6 cm) Mount, Hinge Mounted onto Acid Free Backing Board, Wooden Frame – Size to suit, Art Glass, Conservation Backing with Acid free materials:

£80 – £120

24 x 20 Inch Limited Edition Print

Features: 4 Inch (10 cm) Double Gallery Style Mount, Hinge Mounted onto Acid Free Backing Board or Shadow Drop Mounted, Wooden Gallery Frame – Size to suit, Slip, U.V Art Glass (Reflection Control), Spacers, Conservation Backing, Acid free materials, frame bumpers and fixings:

£180 – £450

New Glass and Re-assemble

When that unfortunate accident happens and you need to get it sorted, either a full restoration job with new frame or just a re-glaze and fit (got lucky if the print isn’t too damaged!). The cost for Glazing and Fitting a medium / large picture.:

£40 – £60 / Additional new Frame + £60 – £100

Mount Cutting and Assembled

It maybe that you already own a very special frame and wish to reuse it with a new picture, its a great cost effective way to breath new life onto a favourite frame. To cut a Single Mount and Re-fit (most the time we just replace glass unless it’s antique) starts at around £30 – £35 for a 12 x 16 Inch frame upwards depending on size and complexity.

Antique Print

Features: Conservation Mount, UV Protected Glass, Aqua Back Moisture resistant backing board, Acid free materials, Classic frame to suit. Cost for image 10 x 8 Inches starts at £75 – £85.


Features: Box Frame with several bevelled apertures to accommodate medals 4 – 6, objects and photos fixed. U.V Protected Glass, Acid free materials size approx. 12 x 14 Inches

£100 – £180


Features: Large Mount Thick Cut or Multi- aperture x 3 (triptych ) Thin Metal Frame (Choice of finishes). Art Glass upgrade (Reflection Control) Dry mounted onto Foam or Clay Board – Acid free materials – Image Sizes: 10 x 14 price starts from £120

Canvas Stretch and Frame

Features: Wooden gallery Stretcher bars with Float Frame, For a 12 x 16 Inch Stretching starts at £40 with Frame £100

Embroideries, Tapestries and Cross Stitches

Features: Material Laced onto 3mm Acid Free Foam Board, 2 Inch Mount (Double Mount 99% of the time), built up on reverse side of mount so work is flat in frame. Wooden Frame size to suit 10 x 14 Inches basic price starts from £80 – £90

Sports Shirt

Features: 25 – 30 mm Box Frame with Matching spacer, Custom Cut Foam board Insert to stiffen shirt, Nylon Mini Tagged onto Mount Board (Choice of colour). Additional Photo/Ticket/Plaque Items with bevel cut apertures below shirt. Clear Glass with Backing Board, bumpers and fixings. Prices for Shirt only starts at £130.

Original Oil on Board or Canvas

Features: Gallery Style Frame with complementary Slip. 12 x 16 Inches starts at £65


Prices start at £100 if you supply the mirror. Wide 70 mm Oak/Gold – Including a 3 x 2 Foot Mirror £165.

How long does it take?

Turn round is usually around two weeks though if you require a faster job this can also be achieved depending on materials in stock or how quick we can get them from the suppliers. Delivery time is also effected by this though we aim to deliver within 5 working days.