Quentin Blake

Sir Quentin Blake is a National Treasure, quite literally. His illustrative works, through being a cartoonist and a children’s book writer have made him a much loved and revered artist throughout the world, leaving very few people not having heard of him.

He is perhaps best known for bringing to life some of the most popular and beloved characters in children’s literature through his distinctive drawings. His style is unmistakable , the scrawly, often joyful and entirely his own, have given some of children’s literature’s most cherished characters.

His most acclaimed characters are in the form of, Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox and the Twits. He has illustrated the 1995 version of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and more recently, has collaborated with David Walliams on Mr Stink and The boy in the dress.

He says that often, the meaning behind the character or story develops as he goes along, more of a symbolic and symbiotic relationship between the artist and the concept. Sitting down to paint feels very unnatural to him, he prefers to be in bed when he draws, paints or sketches…. there in lies the mystery of thye man behind such wonderful and evocative work.