Hello and welcome to our latest news update, with exciting debut releases this month and a quick catchup from me at Whitehorse Gallery. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for popping in and allowing us to show you around Banbury’s very own contemporary Art Gallery. 

We don’t bite so please drop in next time you’re in Castle Quay and see our latest Artists works on display! 

Summer Releases By

Alison Johnson Original Oil Paintings

Interchange Original by Alison Johnson
Interchange Original by Alison Johnson

A little bit about Alison if you didn’t already know; The beauty of her work is its versatility,  there is something for every taste. Some people love the pink hues while you might prefer deep blue greens or a fresh yellow to brighten your interior. My personal favourites are the rich red tones, pop down to the gallery and feast your eyes on some cracking art. 

Big Wall Decor..

We have so many enquiries from people looking to fill a large wall that currently lacks warmth or personality, it needs that special je ne sais quoi and this is it…

Wild In The Country Alison Johnson whitehorse gallery
Wild In The Country Alison Johnson whitehorse gallery

Alison is driven by a desire to create atmosphere and emotion through art and has an amazing ability to express feelings that are often ‘inexpressible’ through words. 

Influenced by nature and non materialistic beauty, exposed to the relationships between people, the struggles and joys of life and the ever changing and yet paradoxically constant landscape which surrounds us all. 

Combining all of these sometimes conflicting emotions to create wonderful powerful focal pieces of art.

Make A Wish Original by Alison Johnson
Make A Wish Original by Alison Johnson

Full catalogue of Alison’s artwork is available online and we have a number of her works available to view in the gallery including originals such as ‘The warmth of your sole’ which is a fantastic larger statement piece of art. A fusion of copper, umber and brown tones creating an explosive mix.

Alison’s pieces come framed in a contemporary slip and frame that allows Alison’s art to pop straight out from the canvas. This however can be changed to suit your interior with more details and choices available at The Gallery.

Signed, Embellished Studio Editions are also online and at Whitehorse Gallery.

Alison Johnson Whitehorse Gallery

Choose from a range of classic and modern picture frame finishes or get in touch if you would like to match up a particular frame style. We provide a custom bespoke picture frame service and are here to help you select the most complimentary designs to suit your artwork and interior. 

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