Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt


Richard Blunt, who was born and raised in the West Midlands, has always had a desire to be creative. 


As a teenager, Richard developed a love for art and decided that he wanted to study Fine Art in order to pursue his passion as a career. Despite receiving advice from an advisor who discouraged him from pursuing art, telling him, “you’ll never make any money as an artist,” he decided to compromise and study three-dimensional design at Worcester College of Art. 

After leaving college, Richard, who was frustrated and unsure of his career path, decided to focus on music. After spending the next ten years playing in different bands, he eventually moved to Cardiff, South Wales, where he finished a degree in Popular Music and still resides there today. 

Richard always had a passion for art, but it wasn’t until he reached his late twenties that he found the inspiration to delve into oil painting, which immediately captivated him.

Carear Path

In 2012, Richard gained the attention of a UK based publishing house after achieving some early success in galleries. As a result, his original artworks and embellished prints were displayed in galleries across the UK, leading to the acquisition of collectors from around the world. 

An artistic expression like no other

Richard primarily works as an oil painter and utilises a traditional approach in his art. However, his compositions are formed by drawing inspiration from film, music, and the world around him. Richard, who is obsessed with making paintings tell stories, incorporates fashion and props from past eras to assist in the creation of his narratives centred around love, life, and mystery. 

He is signed with Wishbone Publishing in 2018 and currently maintains a dedicated studio in Cardiff, where he spends all of his time painting.