Richard King

Richard King

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Richard King creates landscape paintings on glass.

Richard, who hails from Birmingham, UK, is widely recognised as an accomplished artist. He has a master’s degree in fine Art from Wolverhampton University and over 20 yearsメ experience in teaching art in schools and colleges as a part-time art teacher.

All of his paintings have been made using breathtaking scenes seen and photographed by himself, and then created in the studio with a distinctive painting technique: painting in reverse on the opposite side of glass to produce captivating landscapes and seascapes.

After experimenting with various surfaces, he honed his unconventional method to achieve the desired results. By working on glass, he is able to produce a smoother transition of colours and tones and a wider range of contrast, which enables him to depict vibrant scenes that were not possible for him to achieve on canvas.

He has always been deeply enamoured with nature and looked to Turner for inspiration when creating paintings that capture the essence of atmospheric events and light. He has been designated as the Modern-day Turner on glass. He strongly believes in the importance of ecology and has personally witnessed the impact of human actions on our environment.

His goal is to raise awareness about these changes by showcasing the beauty of our planet, which future generations may never get to experience. Paintings (Fragile Planet) revolve around a recurring theme and his objective is to find and showcase beautiful places that are at risk of ecological change.

Many European countries have remote areas of outstanding natural beauty that attract gruelling treks from expeditions to mountain scenes. Richard, who has vast experience, is a professional coach and a four-star white-water Canoe and Kayak leader.

In 2014, he was chosen specifically for his expertise to kayak all over Europe as part of a select group of specialists. This group was tasked with paddling the Zanska Gorge, the highest river in the world, located in the Himalayas in North India.

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He has a passion for mountaineering and has been to magnificent artistic venues in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and the French Alps. In his paintings, he captures the breathtaking beauty of landscapes from his climbing and scrambling adventures in Scotland (Ben Nevis) and Snowdonia, North Wales (Crib Goch and Devils Kitchen), where his keen eye and love for the outdoors shine through.