Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell embodies fun. She has a boundless creative imagination and is a flamboyant, gregarious character. Rozanne possesses a disposition that is marked by sunshine, as well as an abundance of originality and wit.

She is a person who excites and entertains, full of energy and vibrancy, and her art reflects all these qualities. Rozanne’s artwork is woven into her family life, where she cherishes her five children.

Roz was born in Zimbabwe and she resided in that country for a total of 40 years. She showcased her artwork across southern Africa and, as a result of tourism, her work found a market among American audiences. Her paintings adorn banks and boardrooms worldwide, spanning from Guernsey to Ghana.

Rozanne had to move to England in 2002 due to the situation in Zimbabwe. Rozanne’s optimistic determination to succeed, combined with her ability to adapt to a new environment, had breathed new life into the British art market.

In the recent artwork of Rozanne Bell, she presents her distinctive perspective on an architectural landscape that possesses an intriguing and playful quality alongside an unparalleled realism and grittiness not found in any other art currently.

Rozanne Bell’s imaginative people inhabit highly desirable microcosms, thanks to a combination of her fun sense and artistic integrity.

Her paintings depict subjects that are novel, new, and full of vitality. Rozanne’s paintings are highly sought after due to the combination of her African upbringing and the infusion of British humor. Despite having no formal art training, Rozanne is able to develop her natural flair and zany approach. Exhibitions in Surrey, Dorset, and Suffolk have been provided by her disciplined inspiration.