Sheryl Roberts

Sheryl Roberts

Sheryl Roberts artist whitehorse gallery

Sheryl is an award winning contemporary landscape artist.

She has earned international acclaim for her vision of tempestuous skies and chaotic landscapes. Sheryl’s distinctive style is recognisable as her unique vision of the dramatic light penetrating the vast skies.

Since 1999, Sheryl has been painting professionally and splits her time between her studios in Leeds and Weardale, County Durham. Sheryl’s inspiration comes from the windswept high moors of the North Pennines, and her goal is to capture the communication between the skies and the landscape.

“I primarily use oil paints, applying layers gradually using brushes and knives to enhance the vibrancy and depth of each artwork.” While using a highly classical composition and traditional technique, my goal is to convey a contemporary sensation.

Showcasing her work at different places in the UK and also in various international locations, including New York, Amsterdam, and Paris. Sheryl continues to engage in customised commissions and sell artwork to private collectors in the UK and beyond.