Rozanne Bell’s imaginative people inhabit highly desirable microcosms, thanks to a combination of her fun sense and artistic integrity.

Her paintings depict subjects that are novel, new, and full of vitality. Rozanne’s artwork are highly sought after due to the combination of her African upbringing and the infusion of British humor. Despite having no formal art training, Rozanne is able to develop her natural flair and zany approach. Exhibitions in Surrey, Dorset, and Suffolk have been provided by her disciplined inspiration.




View our brand new collection of original artwork by Rozanne Bell.

morning-sunrise-by-Rozanne-Bell-Whitehorse-gallery 2
Moon-bathe-II-by-Rozanne-Bell-Whitehorse-gallery 2
my-sweet-heart-by-Rozanne-Bell-Whitehorse-gallery 2

Marilyn Introduces artist Rozanne Bell to Whitehorse Gallery

Whitehorse Gallery’s Marilyn introduces one of the UK’s best selling mixed media artists; Rozanne Bell. Showcasing original artworks from her latest series  ‘Summer in Bloom’ Roz Bell’s flamboyant gregarious character certainly shines through in all her work.
Listen to Marilyn explain Rozanne’s journey across continents and how this has influenced her artwork and made her the artist she is today.

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