Paul Evans the-going-down-of-the-sun sampler1

We are excited to inform you about the latest addition to our collection, created by artist Paul Evans.

This collection is now available in three beautiful finishes – Oak, Silver, and Chalk White – and features the stunning Gallery Swept Mouldings as well as the exquisite Art Glass. Limited to only 95 editions, these new additions perfectly complement the breathtaking setting of ‘The Sun Going Down’ and the radiant glow of ‘The Golden Moon’. Make sure to secure yours before they are sold out.

Paul Evans has gained widespread recognition for his unique watercolours, acrylics, and etchings, which are influenced by the landscapes and coastlines of East Anglia, the Sussex Downland, the Kent Weald, and the rugged coastal and moorland areas of Cornwall.

Paul’s painting conveys a deep sense of place by exploring only a few locations throughout the year in great detail. Paul Evans continuously engages in experimentation with techniques and materials, continuously seeking novel methods of capturing the shifting light and seasons in his artwork.

Framing your art

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