Tom Butler

Tom Butler

Tum Butler

Tom Butler uses a variety of materials to create his captivating collages. In his creative hands, sections of crossword puzzles can transform into apartment buildings, wine bottles, or church spires. This distinctive technique adds fascination, significance, and a hint of comedy to each scene.

In 2004, Tom and his wife went on vacation to the South of France and explored a picturesque town called Uzès. The light, colour and textures – the bright awnings and parasols among weathered stone buildings, shuttered facades and crumbling masonry and ‘les publicités anciennes’ – huge, faded adverts from bygone days that used to be hand painted onto the sides of buildings – mesmerized him.

Tom says that his attraction to having text within a painting may have started here. Travel, from Paris (his wife’s hometown) to New York, Havana, and Venice, has consistently influenced him throughout the years. He has recently been inspired on the Cornish coast and loves to travel and discover new places.

Tom achieved a 1st class honours degree in General Illustration, excelling at university. His knowledge and love for art cover a wide range. Some of the Impressionist painters, namely Monet and Cezanne, have made me appreciate the use of colour and light. I am familiar with Singer Sargent, Kandinsky, and the 1930’s poster artist and typographer, A.M Cassandre, having studied their work.

During my degree, I found inspiration in the talents of both Norman Rockwell and cartoonist Steadman. In recent times, the artwork of contemporary artists like Luke Martineau, Mike Bernard, and Andrew Hood has caught my attention. Anyone who is able to convey the essence of a subject matter with both expression and vigor serves as a source of inspiration.

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