Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis

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Tom, who hails from Birmingham, considers himself a skilled wielder of pencils and mouse control, although the exact significance of this remains unclear. However, what it does mean is that his work as an illustrator, characterized by a distinctive storytelling style, sets him apart as an artist. Tom himself describes his art as having “beautiful nonsensical meaning.”

After skipping his A levels, he proceeded to enroll at Middlesex University to pursue a Fine Art degree, which he obtained, fulfilling his long-awaited aspirations. His work can be most accurately defined as an endeavour to establish order in things that are inherently disorderly or to imbue significance in situations lacking meaning, all while offering storytelling to otherwise narrative-lacking circumstances.

Due to his random doodling and fascination for eccentric individuals, Tom’s imagination is sparked, often resulting in him bursting into laughter. These particular moments are what inspire the characters in his paintings to take center stage. During his time working part-time at an Arts and Crafts shop, he gained inspiration for many of his subject matters.

This opportunity also helped support his passion for painting. Each character’s background contributes to the development of the epic stories that exist in Tom’s mind and are continually changing.

Tom is currently employed as an artist and illustrator in the eastern part of London. Tom utilises a range of techniques and processes to accomplish the desired outcome, whether it is a Giclee print, canvas, or digital file. Starting with a pencil, he typically utilises marker pens, biros, acrylic paint, aerosol cans, airbrushes, varnish, cardboard, a digital camera, a computer, and his fingers. Not necessarily in that order though.

This world was created by Tom Lewis. Blending ancient mythology, traditional oriental design, and contemporary street art, his style stands out as one-of-a-kind and easily identifiable. Each fragment contributes to the vast tapestry of stories that resides within Tom’s mind, delicately straddling the boundary between coherent significance and enchantingly whimsical disorder.

Tom’s artwork, including paintings and prints, have been displayed in various locations globally, such as Hong Kong and New York. After appearing on The Young Apprentice in 2010, which was both exciting and surreal, his exceptional works were recognized and appreciated by a growing fan base.