Tony Hinchliffe Costwold Collection

Tony Hinchliffe Costwold Collection

View Tony’s brand new collection of British landscapes and Coastlines

We are pleased to announce the release of Tony Hinchliffe’s Cotswold Collection. A gorgeous series depicting different aspects of the Great British country side – everything from our stormy winter seas to our sunny summer harvests.

The beautiful warm tones of these original paintings are sure to brighten up you home during the colder seasons.

“My main inspiration comes from being outside, studying oceans, landscapes and skies in all weather conditions. I feel I have succeeded when I can look at my finished painting and recall accurately how I felt during the process of painting, a little like bit re reading a diary.”

I“I have a lot of fun exploring the skies in my paramotor, flying above, around and sometimes inside the clouds, the atmosphere and light at several thousand feet can be extremely fascinating and a real challenge to depict with a paint brush.”

White Horse Gallery hold a large selection of Tony’s original artwork. To view the entire collection simply click on the images below.

The Storm Has Passed - Tony Hinchliffe - Original Artwork
Naked Humbugs - Tony Hinchliffe - Original Artwork
Mid Morning Bail Field - Tony Hinchliffe - Original Artwork
Calm Sea - Tony Hinchliffe - Original Artwork