Tracy Warner

Tracy Warner

Tracy Warner

Tracy has been engaging in the activities of sketching and painting since she had the ability to pick up a pencil for the first time. Her father would bring home a large quantity of printer paper from his office, and she would use it to scribble and draw until she ran out of paper.

Primarily self-taught, experimenting with various styles and mediums based on the subject and mood (sometimes influenced by wine!). Transitioning from intricately detailed, fine art sketches to utilising finger painting techniques and any other available materials, she creates oil paintings in a fast-paced manner.

Horses continue to be the source of inspiration. Tracy has a deep affection for the shape and movement and knows how to capture them through her art. This passion has evolved into investigating different animals, especially those that present a challenge!

Tracy Warner’s current area of focus lies in creating pet and wildlife portraits. She utilises different brands of lightfast colour pencils. She finds that these pencils allow her to achieve exquisite depth of colour and detail in her artwork.

A member of the Association of Animal Artists as well as the UK Colour Pencil Society. With her lovely girls (7 chickens) wandering around, Tracy loves to take her work into the garden and sketch. Every so often, they will hop onto the table in order to see what she is up to.