Internationally acclaimed Art collective Troika, are three artists, who have collaborated to create some of the Art world’s most innovative and technological works of Art.

Eva and Connie are from Germany and Sebastien is French born. They live and work together in London and are represented in such galleries as the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, OMR in Mexico City and Ron Mardos in Amsterdam.

With highly successful individual careers in the creative industries, they have worked together on collaborative projects through the combined passion and love of music, film and contemporary culture.

Their work is Dynamic and exciting, which gives you an insight into their many and varied talents as street artists and their illustrative and mixed media painting techniques.

Working on every piece together in “The Bunker”, their studio, they associate the experience of playing in a band, where each member takes the lead at any moment.

Beginning with preparing stencils and patterns, created digitally, then going on to work be hand, working up by layering up, using mixed media and painted mediums, inspired by the far east and Urban graphics , using spray paints , inks acrylic and oils, the layers are built