Bring Joy to your Walls for 2020

Christmas is over and it’s time to take the decorations down. The room looks bare and it’s time to give your walls a face lift.

1. Transform old Photo Frames

Update those frames, those brown and gold frames look tired and need updating, wow your friends and family with super modern or classic frames. This can also be configured into a stunning Gallery wall set…


2. Gallery Wall Display

Rejig your existing pictures, Gallery wall displays are very popular these days, it’s about collecting all your framed art and photos and display them together. Going up the stairs, in the hall, on the landing or just a spare wall that’s crying out for a new look.


3. New Art Work

Invest in a statement piece. More of us now Invest in a Limited Edition Print or Original Oil Painting. Even the most sought after artists will do commission work giving you something very special and unique this is certainly worth a consideration.


4. Reconfigure your framing layout

Moving pictures around from one room to another can refresh your wall decor, what you have hanging on your walls makes you and your family who you are, it’s your identity, memories and uniqueness of a life in your shoes that makes you you!

5. Revamp previous Art.

Sometimes all it takes is a new frame to breath life into a picture even if the piece isn’t of great value, get it professionally framed to make a real statement.


We can help advice on how to maximise on your Interior and are happy to chat with you to find the best solution – that doesn’t cost the earth!

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