New Year, new art


Happy New Year! 

Wishing you a prosperous 2024 filled with joy! We hope that 2024 brings you abundant blessings and prosperity.

As we bid farewell to the holiday season, the task of packing away decorations begins. It can be quite a challenge to gather up all those pesky pine needles and unruly tinsel that seem to find their way into every nook and cranny! But once the job is done, our homes lose their familiar ambiance, leaving our once beautifully adorned walls barren and vacant.

Perhaps it’s time for a change? A rejuvenation, a fresh coat of paint!

One solution is to reconsider the artwork adorning your walls.

Revamping your cherished art and photos is the perfect way to fill those empty spaces with new life. And what about that stunning picture you received for Christmas? It deserves to be displayed in all its glory!

We offer a comprehensive frame design consultation and picture hanging service, allowing you to sit back and bask in the beauty of your home.

Regardless of your approach, we’re here to assist you in transforming your home into a delightful sanctuary for 2024.

To kickstart the process, feel free to reach out to me directly at 07923 256058 or via email at Paul@whitehorsegallery.co.uk

Once again, we wish you a joyful New Year, and we eagerly anticipate speaking with you soon.

Warmest regards,

Paul and the team

Paul Johnson manager at Whitehorse Gallery

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